Curtains, Blinds or Shutters?

by Creative Style Interiors

I’m frequently asked by clients, ‘what is the best window covering?’ The short and the long answer is that it depends on the window it’s going on.

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The first thing you need to consider is your design style. Generally for contemporary design schemes, roller blinds are fabulous as they have cleaner lines. These days you can get a double roller blind if you need sun control as well as privacy. The sheer/translucent blind goes closest to the window, with the blockout blind forming a faux pelmet if it’s installed on the reverse roll. They can be chain operated or motorized. If you coordinate the colour to your surrounding woodwork or walls, they are more discrete. However if you contrast the colour to your walls or woodwork, they will be more of a feature in the room. Don’t forget, you can get some gorgeous fabrics these days with all sorts of textures and patterns.

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In the last year or so, curtains have had a huge revival. Sheers can look casual, formal or even romantic depending on the fabric and the rest of the décor. They are a particularly popular choice with a blockout roller blind or shutters behind them for nighttime privacy and light control. Sheer fabrics have moved well beyond white terylene, to colours and patterns as well as a range of neutrals. A coloured lining behind a white sheer can also look beautiful.

If you want your face fabric to last longer than 12 months, I recommend lining your curtains. The type of lining depends on the amount of light your room gets and your required level of light control. If you’re using a 3-pass blockout lining (the darkest available), this is quite a heavy fabric itself so a lighter weight face fabric will make the finished curtain less bulky. This is very important where you have limited space for the curtain to ‘stack’ when opened.

Whilst curtains have always been favoured for bedrooms because of their tactile nature, they are again being used in living spaces. They are ideal if you’re trying to achieve a more classic or luxe feel.

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Everyone loves shutters, as they suit both a modern and a classic décor. Light-coloured painted shutters have enormous flexibility as the blade can be angled to capture the light, or be fully closed for privacy and light control. While stained timber shutters look very elegant, they soak up huge amounts of light and make a space feel dark. Most quality shutters are constructed from plantation-sourced hardwoods, however for bathrooms or exteriors, powdercoated aluminium shutters are best because they’re impervious to water. Ask for concealed rotation (no visible dowel/stick) and split operation. An added advantage to shutters is that they can be custom built to fit awkward or unusual shaped windows, such as arched or odd angled. You’ll need to save your pennies a bit longer if you want a quality product.



Where space is limited around the window or door, blinds and shutters are a better option because they don’t need to stack when open. If you have no or limited stack back for your curtains, you will lose a lot of light because they encroach on the glass even when open.


If you need advice on the right window coverings for your home, or need help choosing fabrics, feel free to call Jenny on 0416 190 792 or email


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