Going Green – Indoor Plants that is…

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It hasn’t been easy being green, but it is now!

For many years, indoor plants have been very ‘unfashionable’. With the enormous amount of discussion around climate change and the environment, I think people are now much more aware of living in healthier homes, improving the energy (or Chi) of any space, as well as adding a piece of living art. For this reason, indoor plants have made a comeback in our homes.

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I’m not talking about a high-maintenance indoor garden, because who’s got time for that? But there are simple and creative ways to add ‘greenery’ to the interior of your home. You can start with a basic green leafy plant, however, plenty of plants come in colours other than green, for example, succulents. You could also consider flowering plants such as cyclamens or phalaenopsis orchids. Talk to your local garden expert about what would be suitable for the natural light and humidity levels in your room (you can use this Pin on Pinterest as a starter guide), and then choose a fab pot!

potsImages courtesy of Urban Balcony


Think a little outside the box… your pot doesn’t need to be a standard ceramic or terracotta. You could use glass like the urn pictured below, or a beaker, or any other container that takes your fancy. Hop on Pinterest if you need some creative inspiration.

Hanging pots have moved on from wire baskets with coconut husk liners, as the picture below proves. Hung at different levels in a corner, they look contemporary and artful at the same time.

Photo 2-08-2014 11 29 15 am copy

The most recent trend is ‘vertical’ gardens that can be hung on most walls. They create an immediate feature that can be more interesting than your average wallpaper as it adds unparalleled colour, texture and pattern. They can also be practical, such as a vertical herb garden in the kitchen (although this needs a very well-lit wall!)

PhotoGlenice Buck Designs


So go and try out your green thumb! I’ll be trying mine… this is a photo of a pot plant I was given for my birthday, which I hope to keep alive and well.



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