We were adding on a whole new floor

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I can’t even remember how I came across Jenny but it was 2004 and we were doing a major home renovation, which amongst other things involved a new kitchen. The kitchen company we used had come up with several designs but we just weren’t happy with them. I remember saying to my husband in frustration ‘I wish […]

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Just see Jenny, it really is that simple !

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I was in the early stages of building my dream home. I came unstuck pretty quickly when my builder asked for my exterior colour selections. At my local Dulux paint store I was overwhelmed with the many colours on offer, as I was really scared of using colour and had no idea on how to […]

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Renovating is supposed to be hard, right? WRONG!

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We found Jenny Williams by searching for an interior designer on the internet; it was a big move for us. From our first consultation, we knew she was the right interior designer for us. She was very professional, really listened to what we wanted, needed and wished for, both in style and our colour palettes. In the initial exchanges what was […]

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Well satisfied clients

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We were initially unsure of what to expect when we engaged your services on a word-of-mouth referral. Once we had a consultation with you we were impressed with your recommendations as you pointed out many aspects which we would not otherwise have considered. Things such as colour choice, selection of different paint types to be […]

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Unbeatable advice

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Thank you ever so much! You offered unbeatable advice that no other had provided and you set my mind at ease. Talking me through my concerns and how you listened and communicated was absolutely fabulous. From assessing our practical day to day living, our current decor and how you offered that simple one word advice […]

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Took me on a journey

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After installing a new kitchen something was not right, it felt like the furniture and the colour scheme were screaming at each other. That’s when Jenny came in. She recommended a colour paint I would never have considered and I love it! She then took me on a journey sourcing fabric for curtains to furnish […]

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Better than I had ever imagined

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What a journey it has been! Although I definitely had the desire to see my house reach its full potential and look beautiful, I was lacking in motivation and was overwhelmed with the thought of it all. You provided me with the motivating factor I needed, and of course, the interior design details that I […]

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A Fresh Look

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We invited Jenny to provide some ideas on how to tackle the large downstairs rooms in our terrace. We were looking for a fresh look, but in keeping with the Victorian features. We now feel like we are living in a new house – there is a completely new feeling of light and space. We […]

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“WOW” from my guests

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Many thanks for all your creative ideas in converting my new and empty house into a wonderful place to live and enjoy! I have been hosting some parties ever since, there were admirers in every corner of the house and had lots of “WOW” from my guests. Working with you had also been a wonderful […]

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Helped us achieve our dream home

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My husband and I had designed and half built our new home when we reached a heated ‘discussion’ period about choosing exterior colours for our Hamptons inspired design. I came across Jenny William’s Creative Styling and booked her for a consultation in order to try and resolve our differences. In our first meeting not only […]

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