Unused rooms to favourite spaces

by Creative Style

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I really want to thank you for getting us out of a big mess. Our living room had been pretty inhospitable, but now we love using it and have scheduled more dinners at home with friends as a result.

The bonus was having you cast your designer’s eye over our bedroom and family room to come up with clever ways of moving furniture around between all three rooms to create a better ambience in each. As a result, we spent less than I had feared we would need! And I really appreciated the fact that you gave us just a handful of lovely materials to choose from for blinds, cushions, couches, etc, rather than walking into a showroom and feeling overwhelmed by choice!

And you had the brilliant idea of creating a library as well, which we love. All in all a most satisfactory result, and I haven’t even mentioned the pleasure of hearing your voice on the phone or seeing you on the doorstep with more goodies to show us! Thank you so much – we’ll certainly be back again if we get stuck!……

Jill G.

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