10 New Years’ Resolutions to Freshen-up Your Home

by Creative Style Interiors

Happy New Year! We hope your 2016 is off to a marvelous start.


Now that the Festive season is over and the working year has begun for many, we wanted to share our 10 New Years’ resolutions to freshen your home for the year ahead… we promise they are easy resolutions to stick to!

1. Un-deck the halls

It’s time to take down the baubles, tinsel and fairy lights of the Holidays. Storing them neatly together makes decorating for the next years’ festivities easier. As you only need to access them annually, the garage, attic or under the stairs make an ideal location.


2. Remove general clutter

It’s easy to build up clutter over the year and particularly when you’re in holiday-mode. The moment has come to find homes for the gifts you’ve received and recycle the cards, as well as decluttering your rooms of 2015’s accumulation.

3. Clear out your storage areas

Kitchen cupboards, wardrobes, linen cupboards and other storage spaces can tend to be where we conceal our clutter, so now is the ideal time to clear out these spaces as well as to gain some extra room for the things that really need to be there. You can also take this opportunity to create more order in these spaces and ensure they work efficiently for your needs.

Office 1

TIP: When clearing out storage, separate items into groups:

  • Keep – items that are still wearable/usable and treasured, and need to be easily accessed at any time.
  • Store – items that are still wearable/usable and treasured, but don’t need to be easily accessed at any time.
  • Sell – items that are still wearable/usable, but are no longer wanted and have resale value.
  • Donate – items that are still wearable/usable, but are no longer wanted and are not saleable.
  • Toss – items that are no longer wearable/usable

4. Start with a clean slate

Time to wash away 2015 and arrange for things such as carpet, window coverings and soft furnishings to be cleaned, whether that means DIYing, or hiring professionals while you enjoy a coffee.

5. Rearrange

You may be feeling like shaking up the layout of a room, so if you’re feeling particularly energetic, why not rearrange the furniture? They say change is as good as a holiday 🙂

Vignette 7

6. Change colours

On the theme of change, a splash of paint can make a huge difference in making a room (or your entire home) feel freshened up. If you’re only changing the wall colour, you can do this in a day- 2 coats of low sheen acrylic, allowing 2-3 hours between coats.

7. Decorate

Once your furniture is in situ, and everything is clean and fresh, you can update your decorative accessories. Bring out old favourites that have been stored for a while or buy some brand new pieces. Be sure to safely store older ones neatly for future use, or throw away/sell/donate any unwanted or broken items.


8. Light it up

Give your room ambience by getting the electrician to put all those downlights on a dimmer switch… then go out and buy that gorgeous table lamp you’ve had your eye on in the sales! 

9. Finish it off

A few small touches will finish things off. Light some scented candles to get your home smelling lovely, and buy some fresh flowers once a week to add a pop of colour and fragrance. Finally, open up the windows and doors, and breathe in the fresh new year.


10. Get the ball rolling

If you’re at a loss for where to start to bring your home into the new year, bring in the professionals! Call Jenny on 0416 190 792 or email at [email protected].

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