3 Secrets to Creating a Lighter & Brighter Room

by Creative Style Interiors

Most of us have at least one room that always is dark and therefore feels smaller than it actually is. There are some simple ways to create the illusion of light and space within a room without knocking out any walls.

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The first question you need to ask is, should I be embracing the darkness? Does the room’s function lend itself to working better as a darker space? For example, a south-facing (north if you’re above the Equator) main bedroom could be fabulous with dark walls and contrasting, light-coloured woodwork.

If you’re sure your dark room needs lightening, these are 3 secrets to ‘lighten up’.


If you’ve already made sure you’ve got the maximum natural light available in the space already, and it’s still dark, then you’ll need to be clever with your artificial lighting.

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  • Ensure you have sufficient general lighting such as downlights or spotlights.
  • Adding a pendant or two (depending on the size of the room), especially one with a bit of bling or with a glass shade and decorative filaments, can brighten up any space.
  • Thirdly, you’ll need task lighting such as table lamps and floor lamps to ensure you’ve picked up the right magazine.
  • Also check that your globes are the right wattage for the size of the room.

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Since mirrors are designed to reflect, they’re a great way to improve the light in any space. Large mirrors such as floor mirrors, can also give the illusion of space by reflecting their surrounds and making the room seem double the size. To make the most of the light in your room, hang a mirror directly opposite the window.

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These days, there’s even mirrored furniture and decorative accessories for those who love a bit of extra sparkle.


Opt for light, bright colours that reflect light, as opposed to darker ones that absorb it. This doesn’t necessarily mean painting everything white! By all means, paint your ceiling white as this will help to bounce the light around. But bright colours such as aqua, lime and yellow can also work well to enliven the space, while light neutrals help to reflect the natural and artificial light. Consider using ‘brights’ as pops of colour throughout the room if painting your walls in a bright colour is a step too far for you.



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