4 Types of Fireplaces you should know about

by Creative Style Interiors

While we would recommend reverse cycle air conditioning with inverter technology as the most effective way to heat and cool your home, sometimes you just can’t go past the ambience and beauty a fireplace can offer. If you’re looking to add a fireplace into your home before the cold weather hits, now is the time to start… otherwise you’ll be getting your fireplace in spring!

Wood burning fireplaces

A traditional wood burning fireplace, whether open hearth or a closed combustion stove is what we usually think of when picturing a fireplace. Many older homes have these kinds of fireplace already installed.
Colonial, Victorian and Federation fireplaces were not so much open hearth wood burners as coal burners, although wood will obviously burn in the grate.

Most traditional open hearth fireplaces are made of stone or brick with a stone or timber mantle. They look, sound and smell the most ‘authentic’ with the crackling of burning wood, but can tend to lose a lot of heat up the chimney. There is a risk of flying embers as well as the smoke that is a pollution hazard, so use with caution.

Closed combustion stoves became popular during the 80’s and 90’s when country style was at its peak as the most popular design style. The newer models are very energy efficient and produce very little waste (ash) or pollution.

Gas burning fireplaces

Today’s gas fireplace usually has very realistic faux logs with ‘embers’, pebbles or glass fire crystals and are enclosed with a glass panel in front. They may have been retrofitted into an existing open hearth fireplace, be fan assisted for greater efficiency and light with piezzo ignition and a remote control.

Gas burning fireplaces are relatively economical to use, and cause less pollution than many wood burning varieties. The flue can be routed through an existing chimney or directly vented through the rear wall or ceiling. And for those of you who are concerned about coordinating with your décor (and you all should be!) they come in a range of styles to suit most homes.

Electric fireplaces

Modern electric fireplaces look far more realistic than they previously did. Who can forget the glowing plastic logs of the past?! With pebbles in the base of the unit they suit modern décor best, particularly since they simply hang on the wall like a TV screen (plug and play). They are fan assisted and don’t need any venting, making them a good solution where a gas flue is impossible.



Ethanol fireplaces

Ethanol-fueled fireplaces are under scrutiny in Australia for behaving in an unstable manner. If you have your heart set on a fireplace that burns ethanol, make sure you do plenty of research before buying. Portable ethanol fires such as the type that sits on your coffee or dining table have already been banned by four Australian states. Click here to read this recent article.


A brazier or fire pit is a fabulous way to add ambience and warmth to your backyard! They are a simple wood-burning contraption that’s completely portable and available at Bunnings. This will keep your outdoor area user-friendly in the colder months.



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