5 Home Décor Tips for the Cooler Months

by Creative Style Interiors

The seemingly endless summer had come to an end. We’re about to see the autumn colour our world with beautiful shades of gold, brown, auburn, red and burgundy as the trees prepare for the cooler months ahead. So too, should we prepare our homes for the cooler months with a few small touches.

While it’s lovely in summer to have your home looking and feeling light, bright and breezy, as we head towards winter it’s a great idea to add a few extra accessories to help your home feel warm, cosy and inviting. There’s a plethora of accessories to suit any budget and style, including rugs, cushions, throws, blankets and more. You don’t have to repaint the walls every season, just accessorise your home as you would with your clothing… it’s as simple as that!

Tip #1

Use your accessories to change your colour scheme to a more winter-friendly palette. It can be as simple as changing an aqua cushion to a teal one, as a colour change can have a huge impact on the visual warmth of a room. Choose richer, deeper shades such as wine, navy, plum, ochre and olive… colours with a warm undertone.

Tip #2

Put away the glass vases and serving ware and opt for ceramic and stone pieces instead. While the transparency of glass helps a room feel cool and open, a ceramic or stone piece has a ‘weightiness’ and often texture too, that creates a snug setting.

Tip #3

Add some scatter cushions in a luxurious and textural fabric. Nothing screams ‘cosy’ louder than a soft knit, shimmering velvet or a textured weave. Scatter cushions, and possibly a throw (think faux fur or knit) that feel fabulous to the touch, can be a gorgeous and often cost-effective update for your sofa, feature chair or bed – instantly warm and cocooning. All you have to do is change them over when you want a new look.

Tip #4

Include a rug to define the space. Even though we love our open plan living areas, a large open expanse that includes a kitchen and dining room can feel a little too cool without some definition. A floor rug adds colour, insulates, softens the appearance and establishes the boundary of a room. Defining the space helps create a cosier feeling and if you choose a rug with great warming colours, it will add visual warmth too!

Tip #5

There is something inherently warming about the flickering light of a flame, although not everyone has a fireplace to create that ‘toasty warm’ ambience. Why not simply light a candle with a warm scent such as vanilla, cinnamon, ginger or sandalwood? Enjoy the lovely mood lighting from a few strategically placed candles while you snuggle up under that new knit throw. Just remember to extinguish the flame before you fall asleep!


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