5 Hot Tips for Shopping in the Sales

by Creative Style Interiors

If you’re thinking of buying some new furniture in the sales, here’s 5 Hot Tips to save you from “buyer’s remorse”.



1. Just because it looks like a bargain…

When you’re shopping around in person or online during the sales, how can you be sure that you’re getting the best bargain for exactly the same product. What does that mean? Are you comparing ‘apples with apples’?For example, the quality of the materials used, bonus items like 2 free scatter cushions with your sofa purchase, warranty, delivery costs to your area, and so on.

With so many enticing discounts grabbing your attention, it can be very easy to stray from your end game of getting the right product for the best price, simply because ‘it’s such a bargain’.

Make sure you ask the same questions or get thesame information before making that purchase or clicking that button.

2. Sleek modern table with classic Hamptons decor?

You’ve decided to buy a new dining table in the sales. Will the sleek chrome and glass table you’ve just seen for an amazing price really work with your current Hamptons style lounge/dining area, or will it scream?

Before you head off shopping, think about whether you’re going to keep your current design style or you’d like to change the whole look of your space.

If you’re keeping your existing style, buy a piece that complements this decor.

If you’re going to be changing the style, find a piece that you’ll love to build a new design scheme around.

3. Bigger isn’t always better

Don’t be fooled by the scale of the showroom. A three-seater lounge may look the perfect size andproportion in a large display space, but is your lounge room big enough to handle the same lounge and do you have a wall long enough to put it on?

Measure the size of your room as well as the space it’s going into, so you know what will fit and whether it looks the right proportion before handing over your credit card. A helpful idea is to make templates out of newspaper to see how an item will fit.

4.  Give a thought to your colour scheme

To avoid a colour clash disaster, be aware of yourexisting colour scheme. Buying anything in the wrong colour can make your entire scheme look ‘absolutely awful’ when you were going for ‘absolutely fabulous’.

Before you even start your shopping expedition, visit your local paint shop to pick up paint colour chips of your room colours and bring these with some photos of your room, so you can be sure all your colours coordinate.

5.  Not ready to commit?

You’ve just bought 4 beautiful chartreuse scatter cushions for a fantastic price. Then when you get home, you realise you should have bought the fuchsia ones instead. Are you kicking yourself or are you relaxed because you know you can return or exchange them?

Always ask about the store’s refund policy on sale items, or if there’s a cooling-off period involved. This can alleviate the pressure of locking yourself into buying something you aren’t 100% sure about.

Bonus tip: Have fun!

Shopping should be fun and not feel like a Herculean chore. Allow yourself to enjoy the experience.

As many of my clients have previously done, if you still can’t stand the thought of facing the stores and making decisions alone during the sales, or you don’t have the time, call me on 0416 190 792.

I’ll help put the fun back into shopping for your home, so you can celebrate!

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