5 Insider Tips to Transform you Home

by Creative Style Interiors

Interior Design is much more than choosing colours and furniture… There are many details, big and small, that can transform a house into a home that makes it a feel-good place for you and your family. These are our top 5 elements we will always consider when helping a client with a renovation or new build.

Overall Ambience

This is the vibe you feel when you walk into a room. A room should reflect your personality, and make family and friends feel good while they’re in the space. Ambience can be created by playing on the senses, particularly sight, smell and touch. A simple scented candle or a vase of flowers can make a huge difference to the feel of your home, especially if the smell is associated with something you love (like cinnamon, lime or rose). Similarly, a plush carpet underfoot or a soft, textural throw on the sofa can add to the feeling of a room.


Do the colours suit the style?

When it comes to design styles and colours, some combinations are sheer perfection. For example, Hamptons Style décor with ‘white’ and navy blue, duck egg blue, linen tones or shades of cool grey are stunning, but the same scheme for a Mid Century Modern design scheme can look completely out of place. Mid Century Modern design is definitely more suited to bold colours such as teal, orange and green.

 dreamstime_xl_10171080 2Hamptons style décor

dreamstime_xl_9354062Mid Century Modern style décor


Room layout

Your furniture should be placed in a way that allows for traffic flow and looks fab. Consider where people naturally move within the room (to doorways, windows, appliances, seating, etc) and make sure your furniture accommodates this movement.

Even if your furniture is in the right spot, the size and scale have a big impact as well. Ensure that your furniture not only works with traffic flow, but is the same scale as the room or space.

page 35 - 1Traffic flow

TIP: Sofas don’t need to be pushed against the wall. If you have a large living room, use your sofas to create a ‘zone’ within the space, rather than having a huge expanse between sofas. You want your living room to start a conversation, not feel like a waiting room.



Does your room have plenty of natural lighting, or are there dark corners that never seem to ‘come alive’. Lighting is extremely important to keep a space both functional (because you want to see where you’re going) and ambient (because you want to be sure you’re kissing the right person). Carefully placed floor and table lamps can bring light and create mood.

page 6

TIP: For plenty of insider tips on lighting your home, check out our iBook: Bright Ideas for Lighting Your Home



Accessories tell the story of your household. They can be purely decorative ornaments you just had to have, or quirky collectables from abroad, or artfully arranged photographs of loved ones. These items personalise your space so it becomes a reflection of who you are.



If you need a little help in transforming your home décor, give Creative Style a call on 0416 190 792 or email [email protected] to book an appointment with Jenny.

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