6 Colour Combinations to Revamp your Home

by Creative Style Interiors

As designers, we find ourselves talking about neutral colour schemes a lot. We’ll usually recommend an accent colour to add interest and create focal points within a space. But sometimes one colour is not enough! With so many companies announcing their 2017 colour forecasts, and Pantone on the brink of naming their 2017 Colour of the Year, we are taking colour and shaking things up with some fabulous colour combinations to revamp your home!

TIP: The proportion of each colour has just as important role as the colours themselves i.e. the 65:25:10 rule of colour combination still applies.

1. Mustard Yellow and Orange


A Tequila Sunrise cocktail is famous for its colour change from orange to gold, which always looks stunning. So it makes sense that those colours would complement each other beautifully in the home (or outside as pictured).

TIP: The orange hue is far more dominant, so use this colour to make the entire look ‘pop’.

2. Aqua, Lime & Navy


If you’ve heard the old saying ‘blue and green should never be seen’… erase it from your mind immediately! We haven’t seen any peacocks running to change their signature colours! Shades of blue and green can look spectacular in a colour scheme so long as you choose the right shades. Aqua and deep lime work fabulously as accent colours in a neutral room, and are both bang-on trend. By adding navy blue, a third colour that can also be considered a neutral, you can anchor the vibrancy of the lime and aqua. You could also opt for a teal and lime combination for a similar effect.


TIP: If you have a favourite artwork on display, try lifting colours from it to accessorise your room.

3. Red & Green


There’s a stigma attached to red and green combinations that your room will look like a Christmas tree… but that’s not necessarily the case! As colours directly opposite on the colour wheel, they are designed to ‘pop’ against one another, and if you choose ‘dirtied’ shades of red and green instead of clear ones, the look can be incredibly chic.

TIP: Teaming red and green with warm greys lessens any flag-like tendencies.

4. Teal & Red


Teal is a very popular colour at present, and can suit most design styles. In this image, adding a very small touch of red on the upholstery and a pale seafoam splashback have helped give this compact kitchen/dining space a retro twist and a big personality!

5. Taupe, Grey & Timber


This is definitely a great example of a monochromatic palette with a twist – The timber furniture adds warmth and colour to the neutrals in various shades of taupe and grey.

6. Multi coloured


Create a tutti-frutti colour scheme with a combination of colours. It’s perfectly fine to combine multiple colours so long as they have something in common… in this case, it’s candy colours.

TIP: This look works best using a combination of primary, secondary and tertiary colours… avoid using all primary colours as it can end up looking more like a set from a Wiggles video.


If you want to inject some fab colour into your home, but aren’t sure where to start, give Creative Style a call on 0416 190 792 or email [email protected] to book an appointment with Jenny.

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