9 Tips to Enjoy your Home Renovation

by Creative Style Interiors

Renovating your home can be a great way to reinvent your lifestyle without permanently relocating. But if you’ve never done it before, it can be pretty monumental. Our 9 tips for renovators will be sure to help you prepare for, and then enjoy your renovation!

P10508391. Idea Planning

Start collecting images and examples of how your dream renovation would look – everything from floor plans, colour schemes, décor to furniture, design features, fittings, appliances all help to paint a picture, so your architect and designer can interpret your brief. Keep it all in a scrapbook, or create a board on Pinterest full of your inspirations

2. Big or small

Exactly how much will you be renovating? An internal renovation within the existing structure can be a much smaller project than a full extension. It will also determine the professionals you’ll need to employ to get the job done. Internal work may only require an Interior Designer and a Builder, while an extension will also require an architectural draftsperson or architect, and approval of plans from your local council.

3. Budget vs Vision

Is the budget you have in mind realistic for the size of your renovation? Don’t forget to factor in the costs of storing your possessions, as well as accommodation costs if you can’t live in your home during the renovation. Always have an extra 10% contingency in your budget in case of additional costs.

4. Living arrangements

Where are you going to live while the renovations take place? If these include your living spaces, you may need to stay with family, friends, or possibly even rent somewhere. Try to stay in the local area… you’ll likely want to make daily checks of your home to avoid major ‘mishaps’, such as a pillar blocking a garage door! (true story, ask me sometime!), and so you can enjoy the progress.

P10002955. Brace Yourself

Renovations will disrupt your life while they’re in progress. Prepare yourself mentally for your home to be dirty, messy and potentially a dangerous place to be, with tools, equipment and materials left on site for the next day’s work. It can also end up feeling like it’s not your own home a lot of the time. Having even the best professionals in your space, over a long period can be quite frustrating and annoying!

6. Decisions, decisions, decisions!

Be aware that you’ll be making an enormous number of decisions about the construction and aesthetics of the work, both before and during the renovations… sometimes you’ll need to make these choices very quickly. Try to think about what will be coming up well before it’s about to happen.

IMG_18567. Employ a fabulous Interior Designer

By fabulous, I mean ‘highly skilled and experienced professional’. A good Interior Designer will optimize the spaces within your home, advise on the internal flow of rooms as well as how to maximize natural and artificial light, design the ideal furniture layout and dimensions that ensure your furniture fits comfortably. And a whole lot more too!

8. Project Management

Consider whether you need a professional to oversee the project and keep on top of tasks and schedules. If you’re already busy doing what you normally do, this can be a really good investment! A good Interior Designer can project manage, as can many builders. Builders though, will often use ‘build speak’ that can be difficult for first-timers, and their design advice is not always great either. You can choose to project manage yourself as a owner/builder, but if you live in NSW you may first have to complete a course approved by the Department of Fair Trading (click here for more info) A professional will know how to keep on top of urgent timelines and manage all other workers, while keeping you informed every step of the way.

Finished renovation of a gorgeous new kitchen!

Finished renovation with a gorgeous new kitchen!

9. Choose a Builder

Take your time choosing a builder. Ask for recommendations from industry professionals, friends and family, colleagues, etc., then ask to have a look at each builder’s previous work to ensure it’s to your standards. Get 2 to 3 quotes. Although your budget will have a big influence on your decision as to which builder, it’s worth remembering you’ll be working closely with them on a project you have a real emotional attachment to. It’s important you have a good rapport with them and can communicate well with one another. This applies for all tradies and other professionals too!


Wishing you smooth renovations but if you decide you need some professional help and advice,  feel free to call Jenny on 0416 190 792 or email [email protected].





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