Beautiful Bathrooms – Part 2

by Creative Style Interiors

Bathroom fittings have come a long way since the humble outhouse…

Your PC items can make or break your bathroom’s style and functionality, but with so many options available, it’s hard to know what’s best. We’ve compiled a few tips that will make shopping for those costly pieces much simpler.



Bathroom Vanities

  • Because of their storage capacity, vanities are still a more popular choice than pedestal basins. They are available in plenty of off-the-rack styles, though most retailers offer customised materials and finishes too
  • Until recently hinged cabinet doors together with small drawers have been the usual option. However with the ability to cut out a drawer around plumbing, many contemporary vanities are being fitted with deep, wide drawers, allowing you easy access to the contents.
  • Stone bench tops look stylish, and are hard-wearing… they won’t melt under your hair straightener!
  • Shaving cabinets should be at least partially recessed into the wall so that they don’t encroach on the space.


Bathroom Sinks

The four main type of sinks are undermounted, top-mounted vessels, integrated (bench top and sink all in one seamless material) and drop-in. Top-mounted vessels are considered the most elegant option, while drop-in sinks look quite dated, unless the bathroom is decorated in a more traditional style.

Porcelain/ceramic, stone or glass are most popular materials for bathroom sinks.




There are toilets in more square or more rounded shapes to suit your taste.

  • For a streamlined look , select a wall-faced, close-coupled suite
  • Concealed cisterns (in the wall) are now very popular, particularly if room space is an issue
  • The lid should cover the lip of the bowl, if you don’t want to see the top edge of the porcelain when you lift the lid
  • Choose a toilet with a streamlined bowl without indents on the base to avoid ‘wee traps’
  • Dual flush toilets are almost universal for their water saving function.




Baths come in many shapes and sizes from structured rectangles to freeform curves. If you want to lie down in a bath it needs to be at least 1700 mm long. Materials are listed in ascending order of cost – acrylic, enamelled metal and stone

  • Freestanding bathtubs are very cool, but you need to ensure you have plenty of space around it, otherwise cleaning may turn into a nightmare
  • Fully tiled drop-in baths are great in any bathroom, but work very well in smaller spaces. Turn it into a feature with a fabulous feature tile surround
  • Many bathtubs come with a Hydrotherapy option to give a total spa-like experience. Ask your retailer for their recommendations.




  • Perimeter semi-frameless or frameless showers keep space looking and feeling open. If you choose a perimeter semi frameless option, a chrome frame is best because the reflective quality causes it to disappear within the room rather than stand out
  • For comfort, your shower should be no smaller than 900 x 900 mm
  • The most efficient shower head option is a rain shower head with a hand-held on a rod & bar.


Tapware & Fittings

Bathroom Taps

No matter what design style you’ve chosen, there will be fabulous taps and fittings to suit.

  • Beware of taps with a bottom lip/edge as they collect soap scum
  • Heated towel rails are great in cool weather as well as preventing towels from getting that ‘damp’ smell
  • Contemporary colours are chrome or satin silver. More classic metals are antique gold, bronze, copper and pewter. Matt black can be either, depending on the design of the tap or fitting, and is very on trend at present. Just watch out for white mineralisation from your water
  • Heated floors are cosy under foot (especially in winter), but bad according to Feng Shui, as they create an electromagnetic field that is bad for the body.

If you need advice on the right bathroom PC items and fittings, feel free to call Jenny on 0416 190 792 or email [email protected].

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