Bed Linen Basics for Shopping the Sales

by Creative Style Interiors

Happy New Year!

With the Festive Season over for another year, our focus is now drawn to those magical signs adorning shop windows across the country bearing that wonderful word… ‘SALE’.

Linen (not the fabric, but the things you put on your bed) is one of the most popular purchases during the sales… and with good reason! The discounts on bedding can be spectacular in January as companies, such as Sheridan and KAS, clear the decks for new season styles. If you want to update the look of your bed linen, now is the time! We’ve compiled a few hints to help you on your next shopping expedition.


Plan your bedding around your room’s décor. Tone your bed linen colours with the walls and floor for a harmonious look.


Classic white or off-white bedding is extremely popular and versatile. You can change the entire look by adding colour and pattern with cushions and a throw. A sexy and moody vibe can be created with rich purples, blacks and metallics, while shades of blue and soft pinks promote a calming, peaceful space. If you prefer a brighter scheme, there are some gorgeous choices in fabulous colours and patterns… just be careful about colours that may over-stimulate you (like bright orange)!


In recent years, stores have increased their range of sheets to include various types of fabrics and thread counts, which is fantastic, but sometimes confusing. It helps to do a little research beforehand.

Cotton sheets are the best for breathability. Supima cotton is the highest quality with the softest fibre, while percale is known for being crisp and cool. Poly/cotton blends are cost-effective and generally don’t need ironing, however they can have far less breathability than pure cotton. If you have sensitive skin, opt for silk sheets. They’re said to help keep moisture close to the skin as you sleep, where cotton draws it away. An added bonus of silk sheets is that they don’t cause those annoying ‘sleep marks’ on your face the way that cotton sheets can. If your budget doesn’t run to an entire silk sheet set, try silk pillow cases first.

It’s generally agreed that sheets with a higher thread count are softer and more luxurious, with lower thread counts being much more crisp (and less expensive). Be aware that because of the tighter weave of sheets with a high thread count, they will naturally be more dense and less breathable; not great if you tend to overheat while sleeping.

It also helps to note that not all brands offer a fitted sheet deep enough to accommodate a pillow-topped mattress. Most of these need a 50cm ‘wall’ to fully secure over the corners of your mattress… like we said earlier, do your research! I use Sheridan’s Queen 50cm wall fitted sheets for this reason.

Quilt Covers

Quilt covers, doonas and duvets have become extremely popular for their versatility as there’s a seemingly endless range of covers available to suit any home’s décor. This way, you’re not locked in to one particular quilt cover, allowing you to alter the look and feel of the room by changing your linen.


If you like your quilt cover to fully cover the sides of your bed, try upsizing. For example, if you have a double bed, use a Queen size quilt. If you stick with a Double size, keep in mind that your sheets will be seen, so they will need to coordinate with the quilt cover and the rest of your room.

Quilt covers are available in most fabrics, depending on the style. It’s worth remembering that certain synthetics may cause you to overheat, and make annoying sounds if you tend to move during the night. Also, ‘satin’ can be slippery and so prone to sliding off the bed.

Cushions and Throws

Decorative items such as cushions and throws are certainly much more appealing when they’re half price. They’re a great way to change the look of your bedding by adding a pop of colour, pattern or texture. Change them with the seasons to keep your bedroom’s décor fresh. A beautiful throw can come in handy in the colder months when you need that little bit of extra warmth.


European Pillows are large and square, and are a great way to create a faux bedhead if your bed doesn’t already have one attached. They can also help to make your bed look as luxurious as a resort.

Now, go buy some fabulous bed linen!

If you need help choosing the right bed linen to suit your home, feel free to call Jenny on 0416 190 792 or email [email protected].



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