Bedheads & Bedframes for your Boudoir – Part 2

by Creative Style Interiors

Once you have decided on your bed, you can begin to customise the look to suit your home decor with quilt covers, cushions and more!


If you use a doona, duvet or continental quilt in the cooler months, the cover that the doona goes into is the first place to start creating your bedroom decor. These days you will find covers in everything from plain white cotton or linen through to elaborately patterned fabrics with silky and often metalised finishes. You will need at least two, so while one is in the wash the other is on the bed. You may even like to change the decor seasonally, in which case you’d have two in ‘summer’ colours, and another two in warm colours for the cooler months. This way if you’re bored with your current decor, you can easily change it.

TIP: If your sheets will be visible, make sure they coordinate with the rest of your bed linen.


A classic alternative to a quilt is a bedspread. These are more of an investment, but offer a neat, tailored look that is perfect in more classic or traditional décor. For a perfect fit, I recommend having your bedspread custom made to fit your bed’s dimensions… don’t forget that because of extras such as pillow tops and mattress covers, there’s no such thing as standard depth for the measurements of a bed.


If you want to add colour, pattern and texture to your bedroom, include scatter cushions and a luxurious throw rug. These can also be particularly helpful if you’re a fan of white bed linen, but want to cozy up the look a little. Another advantage of scatter cushions and throws is they can easily be changed with the seasons. Bolsters, lumbars and circular cushions can add extra interest through their shapes.

TIP: In keeping with Feng Shui, try to keep most of your pillows & scatters in coordinating pairs to keep harmonious relationships.


One last, and often overlooked element to consider for your bed is a bed skirt or valance. These are ideal for ensembles to hide an ugly mattress base. They are also great if you use the space under your bed for extra storage, concealing it from view.

TIP: For a classic look, tailored and pleated bed skirts are best, with fitted and flat valances being much more suited to a contemporary décor.

If you decide you need some professional help and advice in choosing the perfect bed linen and accessories for you,  feel free to call Jenny on 0416 190 792 or email [email protected].

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Alison Tierney May 15, 2015 at 8:20 am

Thanks Jenny. I’m loving this blog as I am always looking for ways to update my bedroom. Especially as the recent colder weather has turned my mind to making my bedroom more cosy. Sometime ago I commented on a photo of a slightly oriental bedroom that you posted. I’ve been looking for that photo ever since but can’t find it on your Facebook or your previous blogs. Foolishly I didn’t keep it. Can you help there? Alison


Creative Style Interiors May 19, 2015 at 2:29 pm

Hi Alison,

We did a previous blog on Bed Linen Basics for Shopping the Sales The image you’re looking for might be in there. Otherwise, can you give me any other details of the image; colour palette, furniture, fabrics, etc?


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