Growing up Pink

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Happy first day of spring!!!



Pink is one of those colours that comes with a ‘stigma’. Many consider it to only be appropriate for young girls when it comes to home décor. We’re out to prove that pink can also be ‘grown up’ and sophisticated.


The most ‘flattering’ colours for a main bedroom are ones that complement skin; dusky pinks, dusty mauve and other smoky shades are ideal. A splash of pale pink or dusty rose can also lift a neutral colour scheme without overpowering.


Some men can feel that pink is too feminine. By sticking to one or two pink elements you can reduce the femininity of pink.

Living 30

For a contemporary/ modern glam look, team darker shades of pink, such as magenta and fuchsia with other ‘jewel’ tones such as aquamarine blue and topaz.

Bedroom 4

Include metallics such as rose gold, pewter and silver with your pinks to keep the look modern.


Add a touch of black or a dark neutral to bring out a more contemporary and sophisticated look.


Pink flowers such as peonies, gerberas, cherry blossoms and roses (to name a few) are a great way to introduce pink into your décor, and experiment with different shades.

Bedroom 24

For those who like the idea of pink, but want a relatively neutral home, you can choose pale neutrals and whites with a red base. These are not true pinks, but will allude to them.


If you love pink, but aren’t sure how to include it in you home decor, feel free to call Jenny on 0416 190 792 or email [email protected].

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