Industrial Style for your Home

by Creative Style Interiors

Industrial design has become popular with the repurposing of old factories and warehouses into office and apartment spaces. Their unique charm comes from utilising original architectural elements and finishes of the building, such as exposed brick walls, timber and steel beams, timber or concrete flooring and exposed pipes. The style is raw and draws on the concept of the old and raw having a charm all of its own.

Pyrmont Factory

The Industrial look has rapidly gained popularity, with many historic buildings, such as Pyrmont’s old wool mill (pictured above), undergoing refurbishments to provide living spaces for the growing inner city population. But just because you may happen to live in a contemporary suburban house as opposed to a repurposed factory, doesn’t mean you can’t incorporate elements of Industrial style into your home.


Our top tips for bringing Industrial Style into your home


Architectural- Industrial style is all about aged charm with a raw edge. Surfaces should have a worn patina from decades (or centuries) of use. Think polished concrete floors, wide timber boards, oxidised metals and rough, textural brick.

Industrial design

If your budget extends to incorporating large-scale windows and a large sliding barn door, these are excellent additions to achieve an industrial look.


Furniture & Furnishings– Furniture can include pieces that appear to come from old work sites. For example, a trestle table with an iron frame and thick timber surface can make an excellent dining table.


Choose furniture pieces that are simple and display the rawness of the materials. They may include timber and metals (often oxidised) such as iron, steel and copper; they reflect the raw nature of the factory itself. Soft furnishings such as seating, cushions, etc, should be predominantly covered in aged leather, or natural-looking fabrics such as linen, calico, canvas and hessian.

Alliance Furniture Trading

There is no obvious choice for Industrial style window coverings, but there are two options we would recommend; roller blinds which are mostly invisible when up, and look like a wall when down; or sheer curtains in a natural-looking fabric, to soften the look. For light and heat control, you could combine both.


Lighting and decorative accessories need to be consistent with the design style.

If you want to add some industrial charm to your home, feel free to call me on 0416 190 792 or email me at [email protected]. Also visit my Pinterest board- Industrialised Urban, for some industrial inspiration.

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