Is Pale Pink the New Neutral?

by Creative Style Interiors

There is no doubt we’re seeing a lot of pale pink in our stores at the moment on everything from scatter cushions to sofas but is it the new neutral, as some in the interior design industry have suggested?

Soooo versatile

Love it or hate it, pale pink is certainly versatile! It goes with many other colours – from neutrals such as greys, taupes, navy to many shades of blue, green and other reds. Think aqua, wedgwood blue, mint green, apple green, petrel blue, lilac, scarlet red to name just a few.

On my walls? Really?!

So if you’re going to use pale pink in your home does it work on the walls? Absolutely! It goes particularly well in Scandinavian design schemes or anywhere you want to create a soothing and potentially romantic feel. The Master bedroom done with walls in a pale and often smoky pink is perfect, as pink goes with most skin tones!

If you’re thinking pale pink might be too feminine for a living space, try adding charcoal, navy or black to the colour scheme and see how ‘grown-up’ it looks. However I would avoid using it in the kitchen and dining room as it doesn’t have the energy these social spaces typically demand.

Incorporating the warmth of timber into your pale pink colour scheme, whether it’s with lovely oak or blue gum floorboards, or with delightfully dark chocolate stained furniture, for example can also make any space feel more grounded and less ‘Wonderland’.

When a little pink is enough

If pink walls or a pink sofa are too much for you but you like the idea of experimenting with pale pink there’s lots to find in decorative accessories. Scatter cushions, thick textured throws, lamp bases and shades, vases. This list goes on.

If you need a little extra help choosing the perfect pale pink for your home’s décor, give Creative Style a call on 0416 190 792 or email [email protected] to book an appointment with Jenny.


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