Pull up a Chair, Take a Seat

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Recently many health experts are telling us that sitting can be bad for us, but the ‘bottom’ line is that there will always be times when you need to take a seat. Your chairs can be decorative, comfy and functional if you choose the right one for the right purpose.


The Dining Chair

If you want family and friends to linger at the table well after their meal is finished, then the comfort of your dining chair is paramount. This has a lot to do with the materials it’s constructed from.

Chairs 2


Chairs are available in lots of different materials, both hard and soft. The materials you choose will have a huge impact on the functionality and comfort of the chair.

Timber, cane/wicker, poly resin and metal are some of the solid materials commonly used to construct chairs:

  • Timber is extremely versatile because it suits a range of décor styles. There are timber options for both indoor and outdoor uses, as well as a huge number of stains and treatments such as chalk paint to change the look. An all-timber chair may become uncomfortable after an extended period of time, often making a padded seat cushion a necessity.
  • Another more comfortable alternative to an all-timber seat is woven cane/wicker as there is more give.
  • Poly resin is a fabulous choice for casual comfort as it flexes gently with your body and can be used both indoors and outdoors. Generally these chairs are quite contemporary.
  • Metal chairs made from steel, wrought iron or aluminium are favourites, though most have a distinct ‘retro flavour’. The ‘Tolix’ chair is a perfect example that we’re seeing in cafés everywhere. Beware though, there is no give in metal, and it can feel cold- great in summer… somewhat chilly on your bottom in winter.

Screen Shot 2014-09-30 at 12.04.35 PM

To Upholster or not to upholster…

The most comfortable styles of chair have at least an upholstered seat (assuming that it’s quality upholstery). The structure inside the seat should be a mixture of timber, webbing & foam covered in your choice of fantastic fabric or leather. There are styles of upholstered chairs to suit most design styles.

Dining 4

An upholstered chair gives you an opportunity to add colour, texture and pattern, and a fully upholstered chair allows you to have a contrasted back.

Most fabric houses have dedicated upholstery collections, which have a ‘Martindale’ rub test rating. The higher the number of rubs, the more durable the fabric. Don’t be tempted to put drapery fabric on dining chairs because it won’t last.

The Occasional Chair

We all know what a dining chair is, but what distinguishes an occasional chair? Occasional chairs are feature pieces that serve a more decorative purpose. They are smaller than a standard armchair, but bigger than a dining chair.


You may only have one or two occasional chairs placed strategically within a room, or position a smallish one at each end of a rectangular or oval dining table. An occasional chair will always be at least partially upholstered in a fabulous fabric or leather.

Bonus Tip: The best way to decide if a chair is right for you is to sit on it for at least five minutes.
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Check out our Take a Seat, Pull up a Chair Pinterest board for plenty of chair inspiration!

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