Romancing your boudoir with colour

by Creative Style Interiors

Happy Valentine’s Day!

In celebration of this romantic day, we thought we’d give our insider tips on the best colours for your bedroom.

There are two main areas people generally want to improve in their bedroom: Romance and sleep quality, and there are certain colours that will help.

Passion & Romance

Red is known as the colour of romance, followed closely by pink. Though red is exciting and passionate, it can be overly stimulating. For this reason you should use it sparingly in conjunction with light neutrals, or opt for muted tones to calm the space down.

Want to look good naked? Skin tones will help your complexion glow. Brown neutrals are fabulous for this reason, but if you want to personalise your bedroom by adding some colour you could include dusky pinks and smoky purples. According to Feng Shui, skin tones create energy similar to an embrace.

Deep Sleep

Everyone needs a good night’s sleep to be on top of your game, and colour can play a huge role in having the perfect night’s sleep. Avoid overly stimulating colours like red, yellow, orange and hot pink, and choose shades of calming blue, green and dark neutrals instead.

Redecorating? If you’re looking to create a new colour scheme for your bedroom (or any other room in your home), give Creative Style a call or text 0416 190 792 or email [email protected] to book an appointment with Jenny.

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