Seasonal Colour Inspirations

by Creative Style Interiors

If you want to keep the look of your home evolving throughout the year, why not take some inspiration from the ever-changing colour palette of the seasons? This can be simple to do if your home is decorated with neutrals as the base scheme, as you can easily add seasonal colour with decorative accessories.



Be inspired by the glinting golden light of autumn, and the colours of crisp leaves drifting down from the trees.

  • Rust, ochre, orange, mustard & other earthy tones
  • Teal & forest green accents
  • Dusky rose if the earthy tones don’t appeal to you
  • For metals, try copper for its warm glow




In winter, it’s all about escaping the chill and feeling snug. Warm your soul by the fire with rich colours and luscious dark neutrals

  • Black, charcoal, chocolate & snow white
  • Rose reds, burgundy, wine, & rich purples. Pantone’s colour of 2015, Marsala is perfect
  • Gold, antique gold & bronze metallic accents



Everything is fresh and new in spring, including the colours. This palette would include the clean, clear colours found in a blossoming garden.

  • Sorbet colours like pink, lilac, peach, watermelon & tangerine
  • Fresh greens & blue greens such as mint, apple & aqua
  • Sunshine & lemon yellows




Think of that spectacular tropical island where you can lazily wade through clear blue waters. A summer colour scheme should create that holiday vibe in your home with jewel tones & aquatic colours.

  • Turquoise & lapis lazuli
  • Citron, chartreuse, lime green
  • Hot pink, navy & white accents
  • Add cool coloured metals such as silver, nickel & pewter

If you need advice on how to update your home with colour, feel free to call Jenny on 0416 190 792 or email [email protected].

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