Should I Use an Interior Designer?

by Creative Style Interiors

Did you know that the ‘average’ person spends approximately two thirds of their life in their home?

Your home is very important because it represents so much more than just a roof over your head. At the outset you invest your hard-earned cash to make the purchase, and then ‘invest’ a lot of yourself into making it feel like a home that suits you and your lifestyle.

So why use an Interior Designer??

Working with a fabulous Interior Designer will save you from months and months of research, ‘trial and error’ or sleepless nights, where you’ve done your best and are still unhappy with the results.

Always look for a Designer with qualifications and lots of experience. While someone straight out of college might be familiar with the latest trends, a Designer with years of on-the-job experience comes with not only a knowledge of the latest trends, but a wealth of expertise gained throughout their career. This knowledge is the magic that will effortlessly transform your home into a haven.


If you:

  • know what you like but struggle to put it all together
  • are not sure of your likes and dislikes and feel completely out of your depth,
  • are time poor
  • are struggling to agree on a design style with your spouse or partner

working with an experienced Interior Designer can help you develop your individual sense of style and make the transformation of your home feel like a breeze.


A great Interior Designer will do this by asking a lot of questions to draw out your likes, dislikes and lifestyle needs and wants. Sometimes the questions may seem quite personal, but your answers are critical to establishing your design style. You can then decide to run with the project yourself, or ask your Interior Designer to ‘project manage’ some or all.

One of the perks of hiring an Interior Designer with many years’ experience is having access to their contacts. They will know plenty of quality industry professionals including tradesmen, builders and suppliers. So you won’t need to spend valuable time searching for them yourself.

A fabulous Designer will help you make confident and informed decisions, so you’ll be sure to get it right the first time!

If you’re convinced, and now need a great Interior Designer to help you transform your home and create a lifestyle you’ll love, feel free to call me on 0416 190 792 or email me at [email protected]

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