Six Feng Shui Remedies for Your Home

by Creative Style Interiors

Interested in increasing your wealth, improving your health and your lifestyle with some simple Feng Shui remedies for your home? Read on!


Feng Shui is an ancient Eastern practice, mainly developed by the Chinese, as a way of manipulating the Earth’s Chi to encourage prosperity, maintain good health and build sound relationships. Chi is the name given to the electromagnetic energy that runs through everything. Applying the principles of Feng Shui will improve the flow of Chi within your home and so improve your lifestyle.


While Feng Shui is intricately complex, there are small changes you can easily make in your home to bring a balanced flow of Chi, to improve the feel of your home.

Note: Directions have been adjusted for the Southern Hemisphere

Water Features


A small water feature, such as a fountain, aquarium or a bowl of fresh water placed in the East or South East area of your home or space, will encourage good health and vitality. Water shares a frequency with the water inside your body, creating a powerful connection. Make sure the water in your water feature is clean (I use cold boiled water), as it will encourage your inner Chi to strengthen.

Moving water has more Chi than still. Placing moving water in the wealth area of the home (top left corner of the room from the door/entry point) will encourage ‘outrageous fortune’.

Plants and Flowers

Living 28

Any living thing will always bring natural Chi. Introducing living plants into your home is especially important today where so many building and household materials are synthetic. Potted plants help improve the flow of Chi by reducing air pollution and noise, as well as counterbalancing artificial energies.

Place a plant with pointy leaves in an unused corner to stimulate any trapped or stagnant Chi. You can also use a bushy plant to calm the fast, over-stimulated Chi near a protruding corner that’s sending out negative energy (often called a ‘Poison Arrow’). Of course, a money plant with rounded leaves placed near your Front Entry encourages money to enter. Each of the 8 directions is associated with different areas of wealth generation. For example, the East helps you to find new ways to earn money.

Flowering plants also use colour to alternate between Ying (feminine) and Yang (masculine). Brighter colours create a more energetic environment, while pastel colours quieten it. Be sure to remove and dispose of wilting blooms or dead leaves as they can have a negative impact on your Chi.



Candles are often associated with romance. A couple of gorgeous candles placed in the West areas of a room will heighten romance and intimacy. Candles should be lit as the flame needs to be dancing to gain the benefits.

Candles are also excellent tools for meditation. Focus on the dancing flame and watch as the wax is turned from solid, to liquid, to gas.


The gentle rhythm of the swing of a clock’s pendulum promotes organization and structure. It echoes the rhythms of the body, namely your heartbeat, and is comforting in its regularity. Place a clock with a metal pendulum in a West or Southwest area of your home to maintain the constant, reliable flow of energy.


Vignette 3

A flat or convex (dome shaped) mirror placed in a dark or narrow room will stir up stagnant Chi and redirect it to maintain the flow. Your mirror should be hung facing the area you wish to direct Chi towards, so try not to face a mirror towards a window or door as it will reflect your Chi straight out again.

Wind Chimes

Wind chimes can help to disperse Chi. Place your chimes in a position that will always catch a breeze… otherwise, you will need to ring the chimes frequently yourself, as they have no affect on the Chi when still.



If you need help with basic Feng Shui for your home, feel free to call Jenny on 0416 190 792 or email [email protected]. If you need in-depth Feng Shui advice, we can recommend an excellent Feng Shui Master.

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