Three Fantastic Layouts for Your Kitchen

by Creative Style Interiors

There is now a burgeoning interest worldwide, in living small. Many of us have an awareness that a smaller home impacts the environment less. It also reduces construction costs, quantities of construction materials needed, as well as energy usage and costs to run the home once it is built.

The following is an excerpt from our soon-to-be-launched new iBook, “Small Spaces, Big Ideas”

“In most homes today the kitchen has a prominent position regardless of the size of the home. With open plan living being a given in many new dwellings and a priority when renovating an older home, the kitchen may even be a focal point within the space.


Regardless of the size of your kitchen, it needs to function well and look fabulous too.

In a small space, maximising functionality can be tricky because there is so much we expect from today’s kitchen. Fitting in even the basics can take some clever design. The most simple kitchen design is the single or straight line. This layout is very common in small houses as well as studio and one bedroom apartments where the kitchen and living area are a single space.


Floorplan 1: Straight Line



This layout may give you enough room to also include a dining table or an island/breakfast bar in your living space. You can choose which is more important to you, although the dining table takes up more space because of the chairs all round.


Floorplan 2: Galley


A galley kitchen is one of the most frequently used layouts, particularly when the kitchen used to be a small enclosed room. Nowadays, one of the walls is often removed to open up the space.


Floorplan 3: L-shaped


An L-shaped kitchen is also one of the more common layouts. It will mostly meet at the corner of two walls, though some L-shaped kitchens may only run along one wall and include a return Breakfast Bar.

TIP: If space allows, you can add an island to the L shape.”

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If you need help designing the layout of your new kitchen, whether it’s small or not, give Creative Style a call on 0416 190 792 or email [email protected] to book an appointment with Jenny.


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