Wilkommen, Bien Venue, Welcome! Choosing the Right Front Door

by Creative Style Interiors

Never underestimate the importance of your Front Entry! It welcomes you home, greets your family and friends and presents the face of your home to your neighbours and the ‘rest of the world’ – think what you can see from Google Street View!

The Front Entry, in creating those all-important first impressions tells an immediate, unspoken story about you and your home.

The dominant feature in any Front Entry is usually the entrance door so I wanted to give you some handy hints and advice when it comes to choosing your fabulous front door.


  • Ideally it should be made of solid timber, metal such as powdercoated aluminium or coloured fibreglass and may have tempered glass inserts. It needs to be strong and create a feeling of security. This is why an internal door is unsuitable, as it usually has a hollow core and can easily be damaged or destroyed with a good kick!

  • Feel like making a major first impression? Try a set of double doors, or a single door with one or two sidelights (glazed side panel). Add a highlight (glazed top panel) for that extra visual impact. An oversized pivot door with sidelights and highlights will really wow!
  • Many entrance doors regardless of the design style, have inset glazed panels. This is a great way to ensure you have some natural light coming into your Front Entry. However if you want to maintain a sense of privacy, stick with translucent rather than clear glass.
  • The standard entrance door size in Australia is 2040mm high x 820mm wide x 40mm thick (thicker than an internal door). In North America, the standard size is 6 ft, 8 inches high x  3 ft wide x 1 and 3/4 inches thick.
  • There are plenty of door suppliers selling oversized entrance doors in a limited number of sizes, if you love this look. See Hume Doors’ Savoy range, for an example. They can be oversized in width alone as well as oversized in both width and height. There are also joiners, such as Parkwood Doors that make both standard and non-standard sized doors so you can have exactly the size you want.


Your Front Entry door needs to suit your home’s architectural and design style.


Plain profile doors with or without glazing look best with contemporary architecture. See Hume Doors’ Newington range, as an example.





Routing, beading and beveled panels suit most styles of period architecture. See Corinthian Door’s Classic range, for example.




Architectural hardware such as rod & bar handles, lever handles, knobs and door knockers also come in a many and varied range of styles from the very modern to the very traditional. Choose these according to your home’s design style.

Apart from needing to complement your exterior colour scheme, if you are painting your entrance door I always recommend a high gloss enamel finish that clearly says “Here I am and welcome to my home!’

The colour of your door can be where you express some of your personality. For example, Feng Shui suggests a red door for luck or you may want to use your favourite colour of sunshine yellow, tangerine or bright blue. As long as it coordinates with your overall colour scheme, why not?

If your natural timber door is going to be stained and/or lacquered, choose a colour stain and gloss level to suit your home’s architecture. Matt or satin finishes look perfect with more contemporary architecture while a gloss finish can be beautiful on a period home.

If you need a little extra help creating the perfect front entry for your home, give Creative Style a call on 0416 190 792 or email [email protected] to book an appointment with Jenny.

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louisa sanghera March 17, 2017 at 7:55 am

I love this article and its something i look at as I arrive at my clients houses. Some beautiful doors on these photos and didn’t know about the Feng Shui – red for good luck ! May have to paint my door red


Creative Style Interiors March 19, 2017 at 9:22 am

Hi Louisa I’m glad you enjoyed this article. You must have seen lots of different design styles on entrance doors when visiting your clients’ homes!


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