Working with White

by Creative Style Interiors

White is very popular at present. In fact, I would suggest that white is now the most popular colour for home décor. It’s so popular that two of the major US paint brands, Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore have each selected a ‘white’ as their 2016 Colour of the Year.


So let’s find out a little more about white…

Q. Why white?

A. White is extremely versatile as it will go with most design styles. It is also fresh and light, and if used correctly, no longer has to feel stark and sterile.


Screen Shot 2015-04-28 at 1.42.04 pm

Q. I’ve looked at my local hardware and was amazed at how many ‘whites’ were available! How many are there?

A. Thousands! If you think of all the paint companies, and how each has their own version of white with different tint formulas… you can guarantee there’s a white out there to suit you.


Q. What makes them differ from one another?

A. Whilst there is still a pure white, there are now many variations that have a touch of colour in them. Some examples are white with a touch of yellow, white with a touch of red and white with a touch of grey. These bases are identified by contrast.

Vignette 8


Q. How do I identify what colour base my white is?

A. “Slightly overlap your colour choices to help identify their colour bases. Contrast makes identification easier. How a colour appears to us is based on its context, that is the colours around it.” – Excerpt from Decorating with White and other Timeless Neutrals


Q. How do I know which white is right for my home?

A. You’ll have an instinctive reaction once you see the whites overlapped… one will always appeal to you more.



Q. I love white, but am worried it might look a bit boring. How do I add personality to white?


  • Timber will always warm up a white room. Think floorboards, furniture, cabinets and benchtops.
  • Incorporate texture and pattern. “There are plenty of patterned fabrics and wallpapers in neutrals ranging from self patterns that use changes in weave to create the pattern, to tone on tone patterns as well as those that use a range of different neutrals to create patterns.” – Excerpt from Decorating with White and other Timeless Neutrals
  • Add colour in whatever quantity suits you. This could simply be coloured scattered cushions on your sofa or it could be the red sofa in an otherwise all-white room.



Q. I’m still a little overwhelmed by all of the options for whites! What should I do?

A. Bring in a professional! Give Creative Style a call on 0416 190 792 or email [email protected] to book an appointment with Jenny. You can also buy her iBook, Decorating with White and other Timeless Neutrals for plenty of handy hints for working with white.

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