Your Child’s Bedroom Decor – Part 1

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Your child’s bedroom is not just a place to sleep. It can also be a place to play with friends, read a good book and occasionally, be a sanctuary from busy family life. It also needs to ‘grow’ with their changing needs. Here are some tips to help you create the ideal bedroom for your own ‘rugrats’.

dreamstime_xl_6579378In general

A child’s preferences about the ‘décor’ in their room change roughly every 5 years. There is a big difference between a baby and a 5 year old, a 5 year old and a 10 year old, a 10 year old tween and a 15 year old teenager.

As the quality of paint these days means that we only need to repaint about every 10 years, it’s worth considering using a neutral colour scheme on walls and woodwork. The pretty lemon coloured nursery will not appeal to the tween whose favourite colour is purple.

Tip: Add colour using furniture, bed linen and decorative accessories.

Window coverings such as roman blinds and curtains in fabrics that relate to a specific stage can be expensive to replace when your child has outgrown that phase. Thomas the Tank Engine curtains may have been a favourite with your toddler but not now he is nine going on ten and too ‘grown up’ for such things. Better to stick to non-age specific fabrics and materials for longevity.

In Baby’s room

For baby the essential furniture pieces are a bassinet or cot, change table, as well as plenty of storage for clothes, nappies and the myriad of other baby paraphernalia. While these pieces can be chosen to suit your design style they should meet the safety standards specified by your part of the world.

To make those late-night feeds as comfortable as possible it’s important to keep the room looking and feeling ‘cosy’. This can be achieved using a warm yet neutral colour palette, eg: a light neutral with a red, yellow or brown base. The addition of a fully upholstered nursing chair will enhance this feel.


Tip: Remember when choosing your colour scheme you want your baby to go to sleep easily and peacefully, so avoid too much red, orange and bright yellow as these are stimulating colours, best used in small amounts.

Baby’s room can be personalised with lots of toys, books and other decorative accessories. To prevent injury, these are best kept away from the crib, so some high level shelving is a great idea – baby can easily see ‘teddy’ but is not within reach if unsupervised.

Bedroom 7

Tip: Avoid using anything that can be peeled off the wall and swallowed, such as wallpaper or decals near the crib.

For toddlers and young children

The biggest change here is the move into a ‘grown up’ bed. Like adult beds, these come as either single bed ensembles or a mattress and bedframe. Both can have storage built into the bed, with drawers in the base or bedframe or a gaslift mechanism.


Tip: When it came time to buy my son’s first bed I bought a mattress and bedframe and put a trundle bed under it. This was a godsend when he was sick and I was ‘sleeping’ in his room just in case he needed me during the night! It was also great for sleepovers with his friends.

At this age children tend to have a lot of toys and books so a variety of storage is key – think shelving and a toy box that they can safely open and close. A freestanding or built-in wardrobe for not only clothing but for extra storage, comes in really handy.


With plenty of activities taking place on the floor, carpet or a rug is gentler to sit or kneel on.

Young children usually love primary colours. You can incorporate these in the occasional furniture, bed linen and decorative accessories. One wall painted with colourful magnetic paint can make a fab feature to display their artwork on. By using decals and posters you can also incorporate their favourite characters from a book, TV show or movie.

If you decide you need some professional help and advice in choosing the perfect decor for your child’s bedroom,  feel free to call Jenny on 0416 190 792 or email [email protected].

Stay tuned for part 2, coming soon!

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