Your Child’s Bedroom Decor – Part 2

by Creative Style Interiors


These not quite teens can be quite insistent on painting the walls in their favourite colour. If it’s something very strong, consider a feature wall in this colour and keep the other walls neutral. This way, in five years time, you’ll only need to repaint one wall. You may also find that they are keen to decorate in a particular ‘design’ style eg. Harry Potter, Twilight.


Avoid buying themed furniture as in another five years your teenager will want new pieces. Incorporate their theme in bed linen, artwork and other decorative accessories.


Tip: If you always want to be able to see what’s on their computer or tablet, don’t provide them with a desk in the bedroom at this stage.


I’ve had many parents tell me their teenager wants to paint their room in black. While teenagers should be given more say in how their room is decorated I would avoid an entirely black room.

Tip: A black or dark grey room can be oppressive and overwhelming – this may not be ideal for your already hormonal teenager. Try it as a feature wall or on furniture.


Your teenager may also be asking for a bigger bed. Try to estimate how big they’ll get, as it’s annoying to buy a double bed at 13 years only to realise they now need a queen size after a massive growth spurt finds them suddenly 6’ 4” at 15.

Regarding a desk in their room, it really is your decision. However as they will have many schoolbooks (not all are digital yet) a bookcase or other storage is essential.

A comfy chair or sofa can also be a good idea for extra seating. Teenagers can spend a lot of time in their rooms, so give them somewhere (apart from their bed) to sit, read, study and contemplate the meaning of life with their friends.


If you decide you need some professional help and advice in choosing the perfect decor for your teen or tween’s bedroom,  feel free to call Jenny on 0416 190 792 or email [email protected].

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