Your Designer Kitchen

Now that you’re inspired to change your home’s Kitchen, the creative insight and support of an accomplished interior designer like Jenny Williams will definitely help you create a kitchen you’ll love.

For many years Jenny has been designing beautiful, practical and stylish Kitchens that are personalised to her client’s individual tastes and needs. No standard size cabinets that don’t quite fit your space, no more wasted spaces or teeny tiny shelves that are too small to be useful and worse still look out of place.

Jenny has a contemporary knowledge of all aspects of kitchen design and trends. Jenny will incorporate the 5 key elements of great kitchen design into your kitchen to help you achieve a Kitchen that matches your personal tastes, lifestyle and importantly, budget − whether you know what you want and need help to bring it to life, or have no idea and need some inspiration.

Jenny comes to your home, looks at the space (or spaces) that you want to transform and talks with you to find out what you love and what you want to change. She will explore your preferences, design aesthetic and also if you prefer a particular style.

If you need scale drawings and skilled industry professionals to manufacture and install your new Kitchen, Jenny’s Creative Style can help you with this. Jenny has an excellent kitchen manufacturer/cabinet maker who specialises in designer kitchens as well as access to quality suppliers and tradespeople to make your Kitchen renovation a breeze.

Jenny will help you perfect your Kitchen design with Creative Style.

Simply call or text 0416 190 792, contact Jenny Williams via email at [email protected] or complete the online enquiry right now.

Kitchen Interior Design Sydney

How does Jenny personalise your Kitchen using the 5 key elements of kitchen design?

1 What Style?

Jenny focuses on achieving a cohesive look that ensures your new kitchen reflects your individuality and complements your household’s lifestyle. Jenny also ensures that your new kitchen suits your existing home, from the design & décor of the adjoining spaces to your home’s architecture. Do you know what style suits you and your home best? (eg. classic, contemporary, retro, French provincial, Hamptons beachhouse, an ‘entertainer’s’ kitchen). With Jenny’s design knowledge and expertise you’ll create a Kitchen that is perfect for you.

2 Layout

Using your ideas and her expertise, Jenny refines your preferences into the optimum layout for the available space and your lifestyle. The layout will determine how well your kitchen functions, whether you have sufficient preparation space, enough storage and as well as plenty of room to safely manoeuvre around the Kitchen with often potentially dangerous utensils and containers – think sharp knives & hot pots!

The position of your fridge, oven, dishwasher, etc is critical to not only the look of your kitchen but its functionality and accessability. Jenny’s highly developed spatial skills ensure that your layout works on every level. Your doors, drawers and appliances will be exactly where you need them to be!

3 What Materials should I use?

How do you decide what materials to use for your cabinets, bench top and splashback? Jenny’s comprehensive knowledge of the latest kitchen materials enables her to create a Designer Kitchen for you, choosing from a vast array of materials such as laminate, 2 pac polyurethane MDF, timber, glass, tiles, natural and manmade stone and so on, that suits your taste, lifestyle and of course, your budget.

4 So many colour decisions

Jenny has not only a great eye for colour but also an in depth knowledge of colour theory and trends. Jenny understands that a colour scheme is not just new paint on a wall – colour impacts every surface in your home including those in your Kitchen. You will not only be choosing your cabinet, bench top and splashback materials but also their colour and these all need to coordinate with your appliance colours and finishes. Jenny Williams’ Creative Style can make these decisions surprisingly easy for you.

5 Appliances, gadgets and hardware

Today there is an enormous variety of white goods and other handy kitchen devices to choose from and it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the choices you need to make. Will a standard fridge/freezer arrangement suit you best or do you need a side by side fridge/freezer, do you have the space to fit one and what finish should it be? You’d like a built in espresso machine but would the space be better utilised for the steam microwave oven combo? What are soft closers and do you need them? How about full extension runners on your drawers? Lighting in or below your cabinets, or along your kickboards? Jenny can help you make sense of all these questions so your decisions are the right ones for you and your lifestyle as well as your new beautiful and functional Designer Kitchen.

Jenny will help you perfect your Kitchen design with Creative Style.

Simply call or text 0416 190 792, contact Jenny Williams via email at [email protected] or complete the online enquiry right now.

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