Building your ‘Dream Home’ or Addition to your lifestyle

Now that you’re inspired to build or extend your home, the creative insight and support of an accomplished interior designer like Jenny Williams will definitely help you achieve a ‘dream home’ you’ll love.

You’re probably very excited and even a little overwhelmed by your decision to build or extend because of the huge impact it will have on you and your lifestyle, before, during and after construction.

For many years, Jenny has worked with clients and their builders to create spaces to her clients’ tastes, needs and budget to take the ‘overwhelm’ out of the build.

Meeting with you onsite or at your current home, Jenny looks at the spaces or plans and elevations, talks with you to find out what you want to achieve, explores any design aesthetic or particular style you want to create and helps you visualise how the initial design can become your finished ‘dream home’ or extension.

As our family grew bigger we felt it was time to either move or do another renovation. Renovating again won the debate and without hesitation we called on Jenny as we were adding on a whole new floor this time. She’s helped us with so many decisions that I would not have felt confident making on my own. She’s met me at the house (read construction site), tile and paving shops, even coffee shops when we couldn’t meet onsite! She is always ready with her palate of colours and her fresh up-to-date ideas.

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Jenny and the team can assist you at any stage of your build, from an idea or basic concept through to approved plans or even if construction has started and your builder’s asking what colour you’ve chosen for the aluminium windows and alfresco stacking doors, the design for cornices, architraves and skirting boards and questions about your lighting and power outlets.

From interior and exterior colour choices through to materials and finishes for inside and out, as well as how to furnish and decorate every room when the build is finished, with Jenny’s guidance and support you’ll feel confident you’ve made the right decisions.

If you need scale drawings for council or even recommendations for experienced builders, Jenny and the Creative Style team can help you with this. She also has quality manufacturers, suppliers and tradespeople on her team to make your build a breeze. With Jenny and the team’s help you effortlessly complete your new build or addition.

Simply call or text 0416 190 792, contact Jenny Williams via email at [email protected] or complete the online enquiry right now.



Personalising your new build or extension

What style?

Jenny’s focus is on a cohesive look that ensures your build specifications reflect your individuality and complement your household’s lifestyle. Jenny also ensures your extension works with your existing home, from the design and décor of the adjoining spaces to your home’s architecture.


Using your ideas and her experience, Jenny determines the optimum layout for the available space. If you’ve already got plans and elevations drawn up, Jenny can review them with you to make certain the spaces are optimised for traffic flow and furniture placement.

The planning stage is the time to ensure that by moving a dividing wall an extra half a metre, you’ll now have enough space in your designer kitchen to comfortably move between the benchtop, fridge and cooktop. Most builders can easily accommodate changes to plans at this early stage.

The layout will determine how well your new spaces function. Jenny’s highly developed spatial skills and years of experience ensure that your new layout works on every level.

What materials should I use?

Jenny’s comprehensive knowledge of materials and finishes (both building and decorating) and their latest trends help you choose those that are perfect for every space.

From new windows, doors, light fittings, architraves and skirtings to floor coverings, sofas, tables, curtains and blinds and so on, that suit your taste, lifestyle and, of course, your budget.

So many colour decisions

Colour plays a major role in transforming your new space. Jenny has not only a great eye for colour but also an in depth knowledge of colour theory and trends.

Jenny understands that a colour scheme is not just a fresh coat of paint on a wall – colour impacts every surface of your build. For example, you’ll have to choose colours for the bathroom tiles, kitchen splashbacks etc. Jenny can also help you choose the fabrics for curtains, blinds, sofas and even carpet or rugs that coordinate beautifully with your new wall colours.

Kitchens and bathrooms

Two of the most common additions are kitchens and bathrooms. Jenny works extensively with you to create your perfect Kitchen or Bathroom − style, layout, materials, colour, finishes and so on. Jenny can help you choose tasteful tiles, beautiful benchtops, classy cabinets, super splashbacks, amazing appliances and PC items. For more information, go to Your Designer Kitchen and Your Perfect Bathroom.

Working with your builder

If you’re building or extending your home, you’ll need a designer who can work from your plans to help you make the multitude of style, material and colour decisions your builder urgently needs from you.

Jenny has a wealth of experience in reading plans and communicating in ‘builder speak’. Jenny understands the difference between anodised and powdercoated aluminium, what a floating floor is and the difference between an engineered timber and a laminate floor.

Jenny Williams’ Creative Style can make these decisions surprisingly straightforward for you, and communicating with your builder even easier − while still keeping a sharp eye on the overall design aesthetic.

If you want the ultimate in ease, Jenny Williams’ Creative Style can project manage the whole transformation. Jenny will help you effortlessly complete your new build or addition.

Simply call or text 0416 190 792, contact Jenny Williams via email at [email protected] or complete the online enquiry right now.