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Renovation Interior Designer Sydney
Now that you’re inspired to renovate your home, the creative insight and support of an accomplished interior designer like Jenny Williams will definitely help you achieve a renovation you’ll love.

For many years, Jenny has been working with clients and their builders to personalise spaces to her clients’ tastes, needs and importantly, budget.

Jenny comes to your home, looks at the space (or spaces) you want to transform, talks with you to find out what you want to change and helps you see your home from a fresh perspective. She explores your likes, dislikes and if you prefer a particular style or design aesthetic.

Jenny can assist you at any stage of your renovation, from an idea or basic concept through to drawn up plans. Even if construction has started and the builder is asking you to choose what pattern you want on the new doors, Jenny can help answer those all-important questions about what type of hardwood flooring to lay or which colour is best for the aluminium window frames.

With Jenny’s help, you’ll understand how your space could be better utilised, and how existing rooms could be altered or layouts improved before starting work.

If you need scale drawings for council or even recommended builders, Jenny Williams’ Creative Style can help you with this. She has quality manufacturers, suppliers and tradespeople on her team to make your renovation a breeze.

Jenny will help you effortlessly achieve your perfect Renovation.

Simply call or text 0416 190 792, contact Jenny Williams via email at [email protected] or complete the online enquiry right now.

Renovations Interior Design Sydney

How does Jenny personalise your renovation?

What style?

Jenny focuses on achieving a cohesive look that ensures your renovated space reflects your individuality and complements your household’s lifestyle. Jenny also ensures your renovation suits your existing home, from the design and décor of the adjoining spaces to your home’s architecture. With Jenny’s design knowledge and expertise, you’ll create renovated spaces that are perfect for you.


Using your ideas and her expertise, Jenny refines your preferences into the optimum layout for the available space and your lifestyle. The layout will determine how well your renovated spaces function. Should you leave that door where it is or would you get more wall space for furniture placement if you moved it to a corner? Would the removal of a wall between two rooms give you extra light, a better layout, improved functionality?
Jenny’s highly developed spatial skills and experience ensure that your layout works on every level.

What materials should I use?

Jenny’s comprehensive knowledge of materials and finishes (both building and decorating) and their latest trends will help you choose those that are perfect for every situation. From new windows, doors and light fittings to sofas, tables, curtains and blinds, etc that suit your taste, lifestyle and, of course, your budget.

So many colour decisions

Colour plays a major role in transforming your renovated space. Jenny not only has a great eye for colour, she also possesses an in depth knowledge of colour theory and trends. Jenny understands that a colour scheme is not just new paint on a wall – colour impacts every surface of your renovation. For example, you’ll not only be choosing your wall colours but also those for the timber floorin g; for example, should you choose blue gum or spotted gum? Jenny can help you choose the fabrics for curtains, blinds, sofas and even carpet or rugs that coordinate beautifully with your new wall colours.

Kitchens and bathrooms

Two of the most common renovations are kitchens and bathrooms. Jenny has worked extensively with clients to help them create their perfect Kitchen or Bathroom − style, layout, materials, colour, finishes and so on. Jenny can help you choose tasteful tiles, beautiful benchtops, classy cabinets, super splashbacks, amazing appliances and PC items. For more information, go to Your Designer Kitchen and Your Perfect Bathroom.

Working with your builder

Depending on the size and scope of your renovation, you may be working with a builder. You’ll need a designer who can work from your plans to help you make the multitude of style, material and colour decisions your builder urgently needs from you. Jenny has a wealth of experience in reading plans and communicating in ‘builder speak’. She understands the difference between anodised and powdercoated aluminium, what a floating floor is and the difference between an engineered timber floor and a laminate floor. Jenny Williams’ Creative Style can make these decisions surprisingly straightforward for you, and communicating with your builder even easier.

Jenny Williams’ Creative Style will ensure all your materials, colours, finishes, furniture and furnishings coordinate into your personalised design scheme while making these decisions easy for you. If you want the ultimate in ease, Jenny Williams’ Creative Style can project manage the whole transformation.

Jenny is the best project manager I have ever come across! Her attention to detail is second to none & she has great contacts in the design and home furnishings industry. After coming up with some great ideas for our home she arranged all the tradies, all the work and took care of all the hassle! All the tradies came to quote on the same day at 15 minute intervals and were all lovely! So if you are a busy person needing some creative ideas for your home, and lots of help seeing the job through, Jenny is your girl
Lindsay B

Jenny will help you effortlessly transform your home with a perfect Renovation.

Simply call or text 0416 190 792, contact Jenny Williams via email at [email protected] or complete the online enquiry right now.