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Room Redesign Interior Designer Sydney
Now that you’re inspired to update your room or rooms, the creative insight and support of an accomplished interior designer like Jenny Williams will definitely help you create those spaces you’ll love.

Jenny designs rooms that are personalised to her clients’ individual tastes and needs. Whether you prefer a classically elegant room or a contemporary room with simple, clean lines, a Hamptons beach house styled room or a chic French Provincial one; Jenny’s designs are perfect for youyour lifestyle and of course, your budget.

Her contemporary knowledge of all aspects of great design and its trends is extensive. From walls and floors, furniture and furnishings to window treatments and decorative accessories, Jenny helps you achieve spaces that match your personal tastes and create the look you’re after − whether you know what you want and need help to bring it to life, or have no idea and need some inspiration.

Jenny comes to your home, looks at the space (or spaces) that you want to transform and talks with you about what you love and what you want to change. She explores your preferences, any design aesthetic and also if you prefer a particular style. If you need drawings to help you visualise that new space, Jenny’s Creative Style can help you with this.

She also has access to quality furniture and furnishings manufacturers, wholesalers and suppliers, as well as experienced tradespeople on her team to make the transformation of your spaces a breeze.

Jenny will help you perfect your Room Revamp.

Simply call or text 0416 190 792, contact Jenny Williams via email at [email protected] or complete the online enquiry right now.

Living Spaces Interior Design Sydney

Design and decoration
Tired of the 20-year-old sofa you can replace now that the kids have all left home but not sure how to get a beautiful new living room that you’re proud to entertain in? Wondering how to make your cool new apartment look as spectacular as you’d imagined but all you can see is how much your existing furniture ‘screams’ in the room?

With Jenny’s help, you’ll decide the important design elements of your rooms such as style and layout, furniture, furnishings and finishes, window treatments and lighting, etc and create a design that you’ll love.

Creating that perfect space could be as simple as rearranging the layout of your existing furniture and adding some new decorative accessories like rugs and scatter cushions, through to transforming a completely empty space into your favourite room in the house with beautiful new sofas, dining table, a state-of-the-art entertainment unit, coffee and lamp tables, gorgeous curtains and blinds, rugs that feel fantastic underfoot, lighting and lamps, and so on.

Jenny can find your new furniture and furnishings for you, take you shopping to her manufacturers and suppliers, have your new furniture and furnishings custom made or simply give you recommendations. You can be sure with Jenny’s help you’ll make the right purchases.

So many colour decisions
Colour plays a major role in transforming your space. Jenny has not only a great eye for colour but also an in depth knowledge of colour theory and trends. Jenny understands that a colour scheme is not just new paint on a wallcolour impacts every surface in your rooms. For example, you’ve just downsized and already you can’t stand the previous owner’s peach coloured plush pile carpet and ‘coordinating’ vinyl wallpaper − but how do you start the transformation from desperate to divine? Do you know what finishes work best on your new custom made entertainment unit − stained and lacquered or painted in two pac polyurethane, and finished in matt, satin or high gloss?

Jenny will ensure all your colours, finishes, furniture and furnishings coordinate into your personalised design scheme, while making these decisions surprisingly easy for you. If you want the ultimate in ease, Jenny Williams’ Creative Style can manage the whole transformation.

Jenny will help you effortlessly transform your room with a perfect Room Revamp.

Simply call or text 0416 190 792, contact Jenny Williams via email at [email protected] or complete the online enquiry right now.

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