I can’t even remember how I came across Jenny but it was 2004 and we were doing a major home renovation, which amongst other things involved a new kitchen. The kitchen company we used had come up with several designs but we just weren’t happy with them.

I remember saying to my husband in frustration ‘I wish I could just find someone who would have the insight to see what would work and what wouldn’t’. I suppose I googled that question and Jenny’s name popped up. In any case she was exactly what we were looking for.

She came to our home, listened to our ideas and immediately made some great suggestions about the configuration of our kitchen – ideas we did not even think about, that 10 years later we still remark at how glad we are that we listened to Jenny and not the kitchen company!

We discovered from this first meeting she was a wealth of knowledge in all areas of design and colour, so she was with us every step of the way with that renovation. She helped with everything from structural ideas, paint colours to shopping trips to choose gorgeous fabric for our sofas, as well as many other things. As a result, together we created a beautiful, coordinated home that was a pleasure to spend time in.

As our family grew bigger we felt it was time to either move or do another renovation. Renovating again won the debate and without hesitation we called on Jenny as we were adding on a whole new floor this time. She’s helped us with so many decisions that I would not have felt confident making on my own. She’s met me at the house (read construction site), tile and paving shops, even coffee shops when we couldn’t meet onsite! She is always ready with her palate of colours and her fresh up-to-date ideas.

Our builder loves her and so does my husband! In fact, when I ask my husband about an idea he just looks at me and says ‘I’ve got one word for you Nic…..JENNY’

The thing I love about Jenny is she really listens to what you want, then helps you to achieve this in a tasteful and practical way. This renovation is almost at an end and I’m looking forward to having a drink with her on our new balcony where she can marvel at the many ideas she’s influenced and the fantastic spaces she’s helped create.

What more can I say? I would thoroughly recommend Jenny for anything from small design or colour issues to huge builds like ours. I am so thankful that she has made our house a beautiful home and if I’m honest, saved us from some really bad design ideas! Thank you Jenny.