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Room Redesign Interior Designer Sydney
Our vision is to bring homeowners across the globe the best interior design knowledge, support and inspiration to create a home and lifestyle they truly love. When you love your home you feel a genuine sense of belonging, joy in how it looks and feels, as well as an ardent desire to share this with family and friends.

Jenny Williams

As the founder of Creative Style, Jenny is a qualified interior designer with many years experience. Jenny is adept in creating inspired colour and design schemes that capture your personality and enhance your lifestyle. Jenny’s love of colour and design began at the early age of ten, as her mother’s chief helper in painting and papering, seasonally changing the furniture layout of living spaces as well as bedrooms, and even constructing the occasional wall when extra space was needed. Passionate about great design, Jenny uses all her considerable knowledge and expertise to transform your home, but never imposes her personal tastes or clichéd design trends. Working with a designer as talented as Jenny gives you the confidence to make changes that create a home and lifestyle you truly love. Jenny is known for her creativity and practicality as well as her enthusiastic and positive approach. Jenny has a deep appreciation for the love of, as well as the value you place on your home, both emotionally and financially. Nothing makes Jenny happier than a client who’s over the moon about the fantastic spaces created by working together!

Jenny also loves spending time with friends and family, playing guitar and singing, travelling and visiting new places, going to the movies and body surfing.

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