Make your Home’s Exterior the envy of your street.

Choosing your home’s exterior colour scheme is a most critical decision!

Your choices will impact your home’s value. Why? Because how your home looks will determine those all-important first impressions, how well your home sits in the streetscape and even how well you get on with your neighbours, who may hate it, love it or worse still find it boring.

Good quality exterior paint lasts at least 10 to 15 years between repaints, so this is another reason to get your colour scheme right or you could be hating it for a very long time!

I’ve created three timeless exterior colour schemes that will look fabulous now and for a long time to come!

Light & Dark Neutrals

  • These are the classic black & white, charcoal & white, mid-grey and white, navy & white or a mix of these
  • As a colour combination it incorporates a shade of ‘white’, of which there are thousands to choose from
  • They work well with both rendered and timber homes and suit contemporary and classic architecture

Coastal and Cottage Colours

  • These are the pastels, often blues and greens combined with white, off-white or pale cream
  • To ensure they don’t tip over into twee, they have a touch of black in the shade of pastel that gives them a sophisticated, smoky edge – think French blue, eucalyptus green
  • As a colour combination, they’re ideal for ‘weatherboard’ homes, particularly if you have a passion for coastal or craftsman design
  • They also look at home on English or European country cottage style architecture

Natural Colours

  • If you love browns, grey-browns, taupe, beige, flax, etc then this is the colour scheme for you. These are the earthy neutrals
  • Contemporary homes do well by combining deeper shades and lighter tones of the same or contrasting colours in blocks of colour. They can also include some white, black & grey
  • For more classic homes, add a shade of ‘white’ to the trim
  • Natural timber goes well with this scheme too
Natural Colours Exterior Colour Scheme

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